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Are you worried your child is getting left behind in school?

Start by identifying their strong and weak study skills - we prepared a test for that!


to the most personal tutoring service you'll find in London

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Mocks, tests, hopes and worries: when your child is not confident enough in their studies, it can lead to missed opportunities and affect their whole life ahead…

You might feel anxious from time to time because you’re not sure how to help your child. Time is running out, and you need a solution.

The answer is getting expert help. After all, a parent is not trained in the national curriculum, in every detail of a certain subject, and definitely doesn’t know the small tricks of the trade, like exam techniques and the magic of practice papers.

This specialised tutoring service will give you:

  • A pro-active, systematic approach from our tutors for in-depth knowledge and rock-solid foundation
  • Passionate and energetic tutors who will make your child beaming with confidence again
  • A custom made study plan, worksheets, small tests and tons of practice to get the best out of your child in any given area
  • Extensive experience with independent schools, exam techniques and the skills needed to get into the school of their choice – even if it seems unattainable right now; and more.

What parents and students say about us:

testimonial-alison“Tutoring helped my daughter to build her confidence in writing essays in Art History or English, and also to be able to talk about what she’s studying. It helped her to determine where she wants to be in the future.” – Alison

testimonial-tabitha2Having a tutor helped me achieve the As and A*s I wanted to get even though we had no teacher in the school for a half year. My tutor also taught me exam techniques and helps me with course work and lots of practice.” – Tabitha

testimonial-emily“With the help of my tutor I’ve achieved an academic scholarship in the school of my choice. I carried on with Galaxy Learning, and since I’ve been given academic prizes too.” – Emily

testimonial-temi“I went from Ds in English and Maths to an A and a B on my GCSE, in Science I was brought up from an E to a B in just 3 months.” – Temi

Testimonial from Aduke“I’ve been using Galaxy to help all 3 of my kids with their studies and exams since 4 years ago. I definitely recommend them, they are very friendly, always happy to help and very interested in how the kids are doing.” – Aduke

testimonial-andreas“I went from a D Maths to a B at GCSE (which is the highest grade I’ve ever gotten in Maths) and from C to B in German, and that helped me get into Edinburgh. I would strongly recommend Galaxy’s tutors.” – Andreas

testimonial-ameliaMy confidence was at rock bottom after my mock grades. Having someone who knows every little detail of what needs to be learned, the personal attention and the specific exam techniques helped me to regain my confidence.” – Amelia

testimonial-constantino“My tutor helped me to go from a low C grade to a high A grade in maths – all in the space of 9 months.” – Constantino