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Home Schooling

Galaxy Learning will help you set up your home school and guide the teaching to top marks and enjoyment for your child!

Whether your child will benefit more from home-schooling than learning in a school environment or due to illness, travel or preparing to join the British school system amongst other reasons, home schooling is becoming increasingly popular.

During this time, we will ensure your child still keeps progressing at a rate both suited to them and that parallels the same advances they would make at school. In most cases, more is accomplished in a shorter period of time due to the one-on-one attention. Galaxy Learning also helps with reintegration into schools, providing advice and even attending meetings where needed to fill in teachers on the child’s progress.

Parents also look to home-schooling as a long-term choice because of frequent travel or they believe they can provide a better education for their child. We can help set up your home-school and advise on resources and syllabuses for your child. Our tutors, familiar with the National Curriculum, can deliver one-to-one lessons for your child to ensure they get the top marks and most importantly have a thorough understanding of the subject so they can use what they learn in life.

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